Sports Hall Activities

From booking a court with friends or learning a sport for the first time our club has something that’s right for you.


Pay as You Go - 60mins £10 or 90 mins £15

Table Tennis

Pay as You Go - 60mins £7

Climbing Wall

Pay as You Go- 60mins £5 + £5 kit hire

Outside Activities

Tennis Courts

Pay as You Go 60mins £5.50

Athletics Track

Pay as You Go- 60mins £5.50

Charterhouse Golf Course – Halford Hewitt Golf Course

The Halford Hewitt Golf Course was designed by professional golf course designer, Donald Steele. The Golf course was named after a former pupil Halford Hewitt and opened officially on Saturday July 2nd 1988. The 30 acres of land which now forms the 9-hole golf course. To Find out more contact us directly, or check out the Charterhouse Golf Course website.

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