Sports and Relaxation Therapies

Sports and deep tissue massage uses a variety of techniques to release restrictions and chronic patterns of tension within the body, breaking up muscle adhesions and increasing circulation and lymph flow.

Relaxation massage is a gentle, more Holistic form of massage. Designed to promote healing and helps to de-stress physically as well as emotionally.

Possible massage combinations:

30 Minutes
Face, head and neck. Back and shoulders.
Legs and feet.

45 Minutes
Back of legs and back. Face, neck
and back.

60 Minutes


*Decreases muscle aches
and   pains

*Breaks down scar tissue

*Increases circulation

*Reduces the effects of stress

*Reduces fatigue, re-energising
the body

*Assists digestion


Sometimes used in treatments, these stones can be used hot or cold as a deep tissue therapy aid to help release trigger points and muscle tension.


An excellent, non-invasive and gentle  therapy that is very relaxing.

Examination and treatment is carried out (with the client fully clothed) by working with subtle movements within the body, particularly along the cranio-sacral axis. The aim is to bring you into a better state of balance by facilitating the healing process.

This is a deeply relaxing, very subtle, hands on treatment. Craniosacral Therapy can benefit a range of symptoms from on-going trauma resulting from accident, emotional shock or injury, to migraines and sleep problems.

Treatment Sessions for  CranioSacral Therapy and
Be Activated: 1 hour

Tailored treatments to suit your needs on the day.


A technique to help relieve pain and dysfunction within the body by applying pressure to relevant points on the feet. A   detailed examination of the feet is done using firm pressure and massage.

Once an analysis is made, sensitive spots are treated with deep pressure therapy.

Treatment sessions: 45 minutes


Please note that 24 hours notice is required for all cancellations to avoid being charged.