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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to many of the questions you may have about the changes to the Club’s operation and membership options.

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  1. Why are the bookable sessions for the gym and pool prescribed?

Operating specific sessions enables us to ensure the facilities are cleaned repeatedly and regularly between sessions throughout the day to protect you and others from infection. This also enables us to maximise opportunity for all members in each activity.

  1. What are the maximum capacities for each facility?

In order to comply with the Government’s guidance on re-opening gyms and leisure centres the capacity of each activity area has been reduced to ensure social distancing measures are maintained.

This means that activities are currently limited as follows:

Swimming Maximum 4 bathers per double lane (total of 12)

Aqua Aerobics Maximum 12

Gym Maximum 12

Group Exercise – Activity Studio Maximum 17

Studio Cycling Maximum 6

Maximum capacities will be reviewed regularly to take into account changes in guidance.

  1. What do I need to do when I arrive at the Club to take part in a class?

Wash or sanitise your hands as you enter the Club.

When moving around the Club please follow directional arrows and signage and adhere to the social distancing rules.

Go straight to the designated exercise area. Please sanitise your hands and register with the instructor who will then give you further instructions.

  1. How are the exercise areas and equipment being cleaned?

We will implement an enhanced cleaning regime, allowing 15 minutes of cleaning between each class.

Cleaning products will be provided in each exercise area and the member will be expected to clean equipment before and after use.  Club staff will clean all touch points between each class using a virucidal disinfectant.

Hand sanitising gel will be provided at key locations around the Club. You will be expected to sanitise your hands prior to entering the facility.

  1. What do I do if I feel unwell during a session or in a class?

Please let a member of staff or the instructor know asap. They will then give you further instructions.

  1. What will happen if I or someone who has attended the class tests positive for Covid-19?

We ask that anyone who is unwell or is suffering any symptoms of covid19 DOES NOT ATTEND the Club under any circumstances and ask that you follow the government guidelines with regards to self-isolation.

If you get positive results of a COVID19 test having been to the Club within 14 days of the test, please let the Club Manager know as soon as possible.

We will then inform anyone who may have come into contact with you or who was attending the same class.

The club will then close for a period of time and be thoroughly cleaned.

  1. If I miss the start of my time slot can I run over if I haven’t finished my workout or swim?

No. Sorry. You will need to make sure you arrive, complete your exercise routine, cool down and leave within the allotted time slot. You will be give 5 minutes notice of the end of the session then asked to leave the building at the end of the allocated time slot.

  1. How will Group Exercise classes be organized?

The exercise areas (excluding the pool) will be marked out to give everyone a designated space to work out in, which provides a 2 metre distance between participants.  When you arrive for your class:

  • Please wait in the corridor 2 metres apart until invited in to the studio by the instructor.
  • Please take the next available marked exercise space following the one way routes shown on the floor of the studio.
  • Please DO NOT attempt to reserve or move to your “favourite” space.
  • Once you are in your workout space, please remain within the defined area and do not leave it without permission from the instructor.

At the end of the class, please follow the instructions issued by the Instructor for vacating the studio, which may be via the nearest fire exit.

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  • How do I let you know which membership option I wish to choose?

Please complete the form included in the email and return this to our Membership Administrator at with your full name and date of birth. Please include all members of the family that have membership under your Primary membership account providing details of which option each person wishes to take.

Alternatively, please email with details of each member of the family that has membership under your Primary membership account providing details of which option each person wishes to take. Please include your full name and membership number in “Subject” line of your email.

  • What happens to membership if I am not ready to come back to the Club just yet?

From 1st January 2021, a small monthly fee of £5.00 per month will be charged for all suspended memberships.

  • Why do I now have to pay Group Exercise Fees?

With the reduced capacities required to achieve the necessary social distancing for COVID19, the previous model of Group Exercise classes being inclusive in the monthly membership fee is no longer financially viable. We have no alternative but to charge for group exercise to cover the cost of classes.

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Member FAQ’s

  • Can I just turn up and use the pool, gym or go to a class?

No. In order to ensure that maximum numbers are not exceeded for each activity/ activity area and to ensure social distancing measures are maintained throughout the Club, all use of the facilities by members must now be booked in advance, whether using the pool, gym or group exercise classes. You will not be able to simply turn up and use the facilities as you might have done in the past. You will need to be a member to book a session – we are not currently allowing guests to book classes or use the facilities.

  • Will I be required to give our details when you visit the Club for Track and Trace purposes?

All use of the Club for the foreseeable future will require you to book your session in advance for all activities, including the pool and gym. As members, we will have your details on our system but please do make sure that we have your correct email address and phone number, particularly if you have changed either of these during the recent lockdown.

  • Why isn’t the Club opening in the evenings anymore?

The School requirements from September 2020 onwards are such that increased segregation of pupils and adults is required due to both COVID19 measures, in the short term and the subsequent growth of the School as it moves to a fully co-educational model. This new operating model offers the School the flexibility it needs as it makes the transition.

  • What membership options are there under the new scheme?

Under the new membership model, there will be 5 core membership options.