Member FAQ’s

  • Can I just turn up and use the pool, gym or go to a class?

No. In order to ensure that maximum numbers are not exceeded for each activity/ activity area and to ensure social distancing measures are maintained throughout the Club, all use of the facilities by members must now be booked in advance, whether using the pool, gym or group exercise classes. You will not be able to simply turn up and use the facilities as you might have done in the past. You will need to be a member to book a session – we are not currently allowing guests to book classes or use the facilities.

  • Will I be required to give our details when you visit the Club for Track and Trace purposes?

All use of the Club for the foreseeable future will require you to book your session in advance for all activities, including the pool and gym. As members, we will have your details on our system but please do make sure that we have your correct email address and phone number, particularly if you have changed either of these during the recent lockdown.

  • Why isn’t the Club opening in the evenings anymore?

The School requirements from September 2020 onwards are such that increased segregation of pupils and adults is required due to both COVID19 measures, in the short term and the subsequent growth of the School as it moves to a fully co-educational model. This new operating model offers the School the flexibility it needs as it makes the transition.

  • What membership options are there under the new scheme?

Under the new membership model, there will be 5 core membership options.