A new study reveals that exercise can have a positive impact when it comes to beating the symptoms of depression. At Charterhouse Club we understand how busy people’s lives are today, so we are encouraging local people to become more active with our support – to help ensure depression is kept at bay.

According to the charity Mind 1 in 6 people in the UK report experiencing a common mental health problem such as anxiety and depression every week. Thanks to the recent study conducted at Iowa State University, experts have now gained a fresh understanding of how being active helps alleviate the condition and their findings could lead to new and improved treatments.

The research involved 17 women who had been diagnosed with depression. Each participant took part in two 30-minute workouts on a stationary bike. One session was done at a prescribed moderate intensity, while the other was done at an intensity of the participants choice.

The women’s mood and anxiety levels were monitored closely, and it was noted that while both sessions resulted in a temporary mood boost, the prescribed-intensity workout had a stronger and longer-lasting effect.

Additionally, only that prescribed moderate intensity session resulted in a rise of endocannabinoid levels in the bloodstream. Endocannabinoids are cannabinoid molecules which occur naturally in the body, and it has been suggested that they may help reduce pain and depression by strengthening connections within the brain. They could also assist in reducing intestinal inflammation and treating obesity.

Professor Jacob Meyer who led the study said: “Finding alternatives to medication is important for the treatment of depression. If we can figure out how exercise works with the endocannabinoid system, we could then design optimal exercise interventions.”

If you suffer with the symptoms of depression, stress or anxiety, then regular exercise could be of benefit to you. At Charterhouse Club we hold regular indoor cycling sessions and a variety of fitness classes that are of moderate intensity. These are open to members and non-members. Call reception on 01483 239600 to enquire about our classes or simply book your class HERE.

Source: Iowa State University