Yoga is one of the fastest growing sports as more and more people are practicing. There is a trend for young people to take part in yoga classes and there are now yogis of all ages!

Yoga has many health benefits and we are activly promoting it to young people. This summer we are running sessions here at Charterhouse Club for children and youths aged 8+.

Here we outline some of the benefits yoga provides:

Physical Flexibility

Yoga enhances physical strength as children learn to use their muscles in new ways. They will enjoy a variety of poses which challenge various muscle groups.

Balance and Coordination

Balancing poses encourage stability and are used to promote mental and physical poise. Over time yoga practice can lead to improved coordination.


Yoga is a calming activity as it incorporates healthy breathing techniques and enables us to focus the mind. It is a wonderful way to relax.


Yoga is about exploring our own body and flexibility, and it teaches us self-acceptance. There is no pressure to be better than someone else.

 Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga encourages healthy living and children that exercise are more likely to go on to become active adults.

 Focus and Concentration

In today’s world children encounter many distractions due to mobile phones, computers and so much more. Yoga is very grounding as it encourages us to clear our mind, focus, and to be present in the moment.

Youth and Junior Yoga sessions take place at the Club on a Monday from 17.15 to 18.00 with Laura. All participants must be 8+. Please call us on 01483 239600 to book a place today.