We continue to follow the progress of National Kayak Champion Chris Carson who is busy training for the U23 National Championships. They take place at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham from 31st August through to 1st September. Chris is sponsored by Charterhouse Club and he spends time training in our pool.

Here we speak to Chris ahead of the National Championships:

Q: How are you feeling ahead of the Championships?

A: Following my recent weekend of racing at the National Regatta in Nottingham during June, I am feeling very confident in my training and ability to produce a good race come the U23 National championships in later this month.

Q: What did you achieve at the June regatta?

A: This regatta showed me how my training had been going since the selections in early March of 2019. I went in with a new plan, fresh intentions and a bolstered drive to secure a place in the U23 National Championships -this showed in my racing results.

Q: Were you pleased with your race results?

A: They were positive as I managed a solid 4th in the 500m Senior A races, only being a small margin from 2nd and 3rd. My 1000m heats went to plan and I managed to make an A final. Frustratingly I didn’t produce the result I was looking for in that final.

Q: What did you learn from the event?

A:  It showed me how race preparation can be so instrumental when it comes to producing a good result. I am now working on reducing the small margins and that will hopefully bring the results I have been chasing this year.

Q: How is your training going?

A: I am so grateful to Charterhouse Club for supporting me and enabling me to use the facilities for training. At the moment my training is very much speed and power related with quality time in the boat. This is balanced out with gym and running and some long-distance aerobic paddles to keep my fitness up before racing. The idea is to get the best quality training rather than sheer volume. This does mean slightly more rest and sessions that are later in the day so I can maximise sleep and recovery.

Q: Are you feeling well prepared for the Championships?

A: I am really looking forward to racing and it should be a really good regatta! I am more driven and determined than ever to retain some of my national championship rankings. I know I am in a much better state to race physically and mentally more prepared than ever to go and smash out some quality paddling. Compared to the beginning of the season following the selections I really feel I have turned myself around and made good use of the summer to get fast and become a new me.

We wish Chris all the very best in the championships and will keep you updated on his progress.